Once milled, lumber will dry in our solar kiln for roughly six weeks or in our computer controlled electric kiln where temperatures reach 120 degrees. This necessary to dry the wood down to 6% moisture to be utilized for in home use. 

Slabs are dried in our bank barn for a year to six months, then kiln dried for another month to six weeks. 

Custom Made. Quality Made. American Made.


Jim and Evan Crawford using a mobile Sawmill.

We utilize a Woodmizer bandsaw mill for all our milling. We also utilize a CNC leveling machine that is computer controlled to be within .001 of an inch accuracy for perfectly level slabs and table tops.

Design and Construction

Milling the logs

​​​Custom built to fit your needs from a kitchen table and benches to an entertainment unit with end tables to match, we include you in the design process to create your unique piece of furniture.

Drying the lumber

Ben using the one-man Alaskan sawmill on a massive Black Oak.

Here at Red Barn we apply a Tree to Table philosophy.  From start to finish we handle each tree through the necessary steps to create one of a kind, quality hardwood furniture. We let the natural beauty and soul of each tree shine in our finished products. The glorious features of the wood are enhanced and put on display just like a beautiful work of art in a gallery.