She helped me see what I had been missing in myself all those years. It was truly love at first sight. We were married in 2010, had our son Jack just two years later. Very shortly after his birth we decided to move back to Sarah’s home town and we built our dream home on her family farm. During construction I decided to do all the casing work myself with poplar lumber my father and I had cut down. It felt great creating, pouring my energy into our own home. Sarah was so impressed with how it all turned out she asked what else could I build for her. So I started building her different small things for our home from scrap material I got from my father, who had become a skilled carpenter himself, building one of a kind pieces for family over the past decade.     

Custom Made. Quality Made. American Made.

​​​​Red Barn Home Furnishings is owned and operated by Ben Crawford. As lead carpenter and designer he receives inspiration and support from loved ones in many ways. He follows each piece were it leads him. He also relies on his children, to his dad and younger brother for inspiration as well. We operate on our family farm in Minerva, Ohio where Red Barn is located.

Ben's Story

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For as long as I can remember I have spent my life in the woods, around trees, working with wood, planting, cutting you name it. Growing up on a 110 acre farm brought the normal “country life” experiences. We had milk cows, crops and a large garden to keep busy. Even with all those things to help my family with I was attracted to our timber stand and spent as much time as I could there. As early as 3 years old I was with my Uncle Emory in that timber stand. He was a man who could fix and build anything from scratch. A dairy farmer by trade, but in all rights a true engineer and force to be reckoned with. Many of my earliest memories are with him planting our walnut grove or watching him process windfallen trees with our family friend, Gary. Like most boys you couldn’t keep me from the action and by the time I was 5 I felt I was a valuable member of the timber crew. My uncle and Gary would fell the trees, process them and run the equipment, but I had the most important job of picking up the sticks!

About Us


Ben and Sarah Crawford

Over the years my jobs actually became more important as I grew into a strong young man and my uncle slowly began to lose his strength, but even at 70 he could outwork me as a 17 year old.  I still remember the day he taught me to fell my first tree. I quickly took to running chainsaws and became my uncle’s trusted sawyer. I had become the important member of the team that I had always pretended I was as a young boy. Those days with my uncle taught me what real work is. The passion to see the beauty in the woods and to care for them, for a life time of enjoyment they brought our family.

The first piece of true furniture I made was a play/drawing table for Jack’s 2nd birthday. Everyone was blown away with the absolute beauty of the piece and insisted I create more. So, in my spare time I started building furniture to match the play table.  On November 1st of 2014 my wife collapsed and died while visiting a friend in Columbus. She was 30 years old.

I focused on the only things that made any sense in my life. My children and my furniture. Finding the beauty inside of wood others would throw away. Pouring my soul in to simple pieces that most wouldn't think twice about. I felt God gave me the gift to see what could be with each and every piece of wood so I could help these trees live on as he intended. Red Barn Home Furnishings was created from this and now continues to grow here in my home town. The place were I first learned to love the woods. To love nature and the beauty that God hides in the most unlikely places.  

Red Barn operates out of the family farm that now three generations of Crawfords are living and growing on. The big white barn, that was originally red, that my Grand father, father  and Uncle worked and bled in for years as dairy farmers. The place my father was raised. The place I was raised. The place my children will grow up. Our 105+ year old dairy barn is now home to a group of Crawford men who create life and beauty in hunks of wood. We create so these beautiful trees are not forgotten. So they can live on instead of being burned or turned to dirt from rot and decay. 

God has brought many great things in to my life. Great family. Vision to see the beauty inside trees, lumber, and wood. To see there is absolute beauty around the places and things so many say are different or "not prefect". I pour my heart and soul in to every single piece created here. If you want a truly unique piece of furniture that will last lifetimes. If you want a piece that has a story as great as yours please come and visit us. 


Ben and Jack capturing a rainbow over the site of Red Barn's original workshop...

Page: Our Story

-Ben Crawford
​ Owner,  Red Barn Home Furnishings

Ben with Emory, Elaina and young Jack in the Fall of 2015.

Ben and Evan Crawford on the family farm.​

​The big white barn that used to be RED.

Top: 1998- Ben and his Uncle Emory processing windblown trees after a summer storm ripped through the family property.

Left:  1984- A young Ben joining his Uncle Emory on one of many tractor rides.

I left home to attend The Ohio State University in Columbus, but the woods and timber were not far from my mind, I majored in Forestry and earned a BS in Natural Resource Management. I had a part time job on a loading dock, that upon  graduation I turned into my career and I spent the next 16 years working in the transportation and logistics industry. During that time I moved out of state to work my way up in the company. I got married, had two beautiful children, Emory and Elaina, later divorced and moved back to Columbus. The entire time I felt something was missing. Then I met my late wife, Sarah. ​