1988 - Spring view of the Crawford family home. 

The first table I actually made to sell was created from a trio of Spruce trees cut down from my childhood family farm. They were planted in the 50's as balled and burlapped Christmas trees my father had as a child. There my whole life, as a beacon our house sat just beyond...familiar faces welcoming me home. The decision to have them cut down was monumental, but my parents knew it was time. My dad also decided to mill the logs knowing someday they would make useful lumber. We were able to dig up a few pictures through the years that capture their progression as well as the new life they will lead with my wife's dear friend and her family.
                                      -Ben Crawford
​                                           Owner,  Red Barn Home Furnishings

1972 -  Ben's mother and older brother playing outside in the yard, the Spruce trees in the background. 

Custom Made. Quality Made. American Made.

2015 - Our friend's table built from the Spruce trees that once stood as protectors has now been transformed into a place for a family to share meals, celebrate birthdays and join in a whole new journey of their lives...together. 


Tree to Table Tales

1954 -  Jim alongside one of the Spruce Christmas trees inside the Crawford Family home. 

2005 - Professional arborist crew felling and processing the trees due to their size and close proximity to the house. 

1945 -  Ben's father, Jim as a toddler being held by his brother Emory with his siblings on the family farm.

From the onset of time, trees have been a symbol of life and in many religions and cultures they represent rebirth. We have a similar philosophy here at Red Barn...we are honored to give these magnificent creatures new life. Time travelers in their own right, living alongside generations before us, their old souls have stories to tell. We strive to tag all of our trees and lumber so we can share their history with you. Just think of the places they have been and how your family will now grow alongside them. By sharing their "Timber Tale" with you…their rebirth has begun.